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2015 National Meeting and Concours
Noosa - Thursday 3rd to Thursday 10th September 2015

With happy memories from Canberra still fixed in our minds it is now time to turn our attention to the 2015 event.
This year we are off to Noosa on Queensland’s Sunshine Coast, about a 90 minute drive north of Brisbane for an extended program from Thursday 3rd September until Thursday 10th September.

The Concours will be held in Chaplin Park on the banks of the Noosa River on Saturday 5th September with the presentation dinner at the River Deck Restaurant at the Noosa River Marina.
Accommodation has been arranged at 2 resorts close to the venues; Australis Noosa Lakes Resort which is across the road from the dinner venue and Ivory Palms Resort which is across the road from the Concours venue. A bus will be provided to transport people on a 5 minute drive from Ivory Palms to the presentation dinner and return.

Rob Bradford has produced a list of ACTIVITIES you may like to do while you are in Noosa:


At the time of writing there are no more reserved rooms. You can check local motels (eg Regency Waterfront which opens onto the Concours site 07 5449 7139) but if all else fails - ring Bob Watters
0459 710 000 or

  • The Australis Studio Rooms may still be worth checking in case a vacancy occurs
  • The 1 Bedroom Apartments at Ivory Palms may also be worth checking as above.

Contact details are:

Australis      07 5447 1400, the booking reference is "Triumph Car Club", contact person is Greg

Ivory Palms 07 5473 1700, the booking reference is "Triumph Car Club", contact person is Lianne

Click here to download the ENTRY FORM

There are special shirts, hats and caps available with the Concours Logo embroided, these have to be pre-ordered and paid for along with the presentation dinner and other activities as detailed on the Entry Form (above)

Click here to download the REGALIA ORDER FORM which is to be used in conjunction with the Entry Form

NOTE: we have discovered that the BROAD BRIM HATS are also sold by size:
The hat sizes are Small = 55cm, Medium = 57cm, Large = 59cm, X large = 61cm

If you have prdered one - please email BOB to let him know the size you want.

The caps are no problem, as one size fits all.


Click here to download the PLANNED ACTIVITIES

All of the planned activities are optional however if you wish to take part in any of the events then payment in advance is required.

The attractions of the Noosa Region and the Sunshine Coast are many and varied and the organisers have tried to inject interest and variety into the planned activities. However participation in any event is a personal choice and if anyone just wants to sit by the pool, go shopping or take a day trip to Fraser Island or any other activity then that’s fine, it’s up to you.

The Queensland Team are excited about hosting this event for the third time and we look forward to showing you around this special region.
Please direct all enquiries to Bob Watters on 0459 710 000 or