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Photo contributors include: Howard Prior, Rick Fletcher, Bob Watters
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The Concours Winners - Keith & Judy Brown, Vic. - also Best TR3A. (Howard Prior photo)

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All photos by Howard Prior


Some of the Concours Cars - Chaplin Park Noosa
2nd Place in Concours Paul & Rita Bingham, Qld - also Best TR3

3rd Place in Concours David & Diane Chapman, Qld TR3A
4th Place in Concours David & Diane Chapman - also Best TR2
5th Place in Concours Frank & Pixie Marshall, ACT TR3A
and Encouragement Award
1st in Road Class - Denise McGuire, Vic - TR3A
2nd in Road Class - Ivan Powell, SA - TR3 & People's Choice
3rd in Road Class - Lewis & Carol Gray, Qld - TR3
Best Derivative - Chris & Merran Olson, NSW - Doretti
And finally - two Respected Club Elders
Reg Cosgrove - Driving his own TR3A
...and John Buck - temporarily driving Paul Bingham's TR3

More Photos of other cars and people coming on subsequent pages...

Concours Results & Prizewinners on Page 2
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