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Sapphire Coast Run 7/8/2019

to view the recently opened Eden Wharf

The Sapphire Coast Chapter has a scheduled meeting each Wednesday morning at "Blend Cafe" Tathra Beach. This morning we decided to extend the meeting with a run to the newly opened Eden Cruise Ship wharf. Various other TR Register members appear from time to time and other locals with classic cars also attend and tag onto our runs. This morning, the Woods attended in their Mustang and we had several other classic car owners drop in for a yarn.

If you are in the area on Wednesdays, please drop in for a yarn and excellent coffee, cakes, pastries, bread, soup sandwiches, cheeses etc. mostly made on site.

L to R: Claire Middleton, Joan Fletcher Kerri Wood, Cherryle Watters, Bob Watters, Neil Wood

Eden wharf $44 million reconstruction to handle cruise ships up to 325m long. A fantastic boost to the local economy.
This view is looking along the southern end towards Twofold Bay. The structures at the far end (Dolphins) are shown in a pic below.

The inboard (Northern) end of the wharf which extends well beyond the 5th light pole to the right.
This the area where passengers disembark. Previously, passengers had to be ferried ashore in the ships' boats.

These structures are called "dolphins" and serve to securely moor the stern of the ship.