Rainer Reinhardt - GERMANY

Rainer talks about aeroscreens:

"Hi Rick, yesterday (19 Dec 2109) I found a link to the Australian TR Register with your wonderful pictures of the aeroscreen cars.

Owning and very often driving my TRs (a TR6 since 45 years, a TR4A since 26 years) I want to send you some pictures of my sidescreen - aeroscreen cars.

First my 17 years driven racecar (from 1986 to 2003) a TR3A,raced in 156 races all over Europe's racetracks with 2288ccm, 170HP, Omega pistons, Salisbury limited-slip Diff and ..and....

The pictures shows the car at: the Nürburgring in Germany. The last photo shows my actual Aeroscreen TR3 also slightly "polished" with a 2188ccm - engine and some goodies that was driven about 2500 miles this year.

Hope you enjoy the pictures and wish you all a Merry Chrismas and a happy new year with your Triumphs."

Kind regards - Rainer Reinhardt from Germany"

Rainer Reinhardt in his 1958 TR3 - with Aeroscreens of course!