Two Intrepid Motorists
Ivan Powell & David Stephens - South Australia
Adelaide - South Australia to Noosa Heads - Queensland and Return.

Ivan describes the trip:
"Both David and I enjoyed the couple of days we had at the Concours in Noosa and it was a shame that we had to get back to Adelaide so quickly.

Not a lot to report about the drive back. The car ran like a Swiss watch with no problems at all. We got back to Adelaide in two days for a total of close to 2400km one way with kangaroos being a bit of a problem on the first evening, but we managed to spot them all and and anticipated their movement.

On the second day we did have a moment east of Broken hill when we flew over a hill at about 150 kph and there was a mob of goats meandering across the road. That certainly tested the strength of my right leg as I tried to push the pedal through the fire wall.

Of more concern was the (Holden) HSV that had decided to hitch himself to my shadow for the last hour. I don't think he had seen the goats or my brake lights..... That incident was enough for him and he decided to let the green machine have its head.

Out of interest I have never really noticed heavy fuel consumption from that engine, but at those speeds it managed to slurp the whole tank in just 210km. We rolled over the bridge into Wilcannia with the fuel gauge having stopped any sign of movement 10 minutes earlier and I was sure that we would have to toss the coin to see who was going to walk in to get a can of fuel.

So the car is parked in the shed heavily bug spattered awaiting my return from O/S to give it the big clean. But for a return trip of a tad under 5000km (3,100 miles) both of us and the car did OK."