Bill Revill NSW

Bill talks about aeroscreens:
"Yes I love my aeroscreens which went on the car just before the Bathurst event in 2010. But I'd liked them long before then.

I first caught the bug about 1990, when I was restoring the car. One of the million TR books I bought had a picture of a red TR with aeroscreens fitted. I thought it looked sensational and I promised I'd get some when the car was done. The car was finished in 2002, but I still didn't get them - I didn't think the supplied versions would fit, so built a set using plated tube and perspex - but I finished them, hated them and threw them out!

It was only when the TR Register started to stock them that I bought some (or contrived a suitable Xmas present) then fiddled for ages to fit them so I can have both the aeroscreens and the main windscreen together. It's so easy - a couple of screws and I can swap between full screens and the aeros.

Finally they were on!! It's all worked really well. Both Danute and I love touring with them (Danute wears goggles) although we still use the big screen if it looks like rain. But the majority of the time, its aeroscreens only.

WHY?    The aeroscreens are an irresistible and essential part of the thrill of driving and owning a side screen TR. The great appeal of the car is that of a 1930's racing car.... cut down doors, big steering wheel, long bonnet, noisy.... a sidescreen TR has the wonderful feel and persona of a historic sports car, perhaps far older than the TR itself. And the aeroscreens add to this overall package of providing a very special hallmark only seen on historic sporting and competition cars... so your TR joins the elite of pre-WWII Maseratis, Alfa-Romeos and ERAs. And it provides the driver with an experience even closer to that of driving the great historic cars.

And the look.....? Personal preference of course, but I've always just loved the appearance of the TRs with aeroscreens. Again it adds to the 30's style and to the distinctive looks and feel of the car.

And the comfort...? Terrible of course! But it's not as rough or as windblown as you may think. If you want comfort, get the modern car out of the garage...!

And the bonus...? If the wipers pack up, you can't use them anyway so you save a maintenance job!

I suggest that all members go for a ride in an aeroscreen - clad TR sometime and see what they think. But I love it!!"

Bathurst 2014

Not just for trackwork, but on the road as well.