ACT South Coast Run - 20th - 23rd March 2018

Peter McEwan,. ACT Co-ordinator organised this tour (with the help of Gayle of course) commencing in Canberra on the 20th and travelling via:

  • Tarago to Sussex Inlet on the NSW South Coast that night. There, some of the NSW contingent met up with the rest, having travelled through some torrential rain with hoods down of course! A great dinner was held at the RSL Club.
  • Next day was off to Batemans Bay via a stop at Milton, again in the rain. Overnight was at the Coachhouse Resort with another great dinner at the Catalina Country Club.
  • Off next day via Batehaven for breakfast (in the rain!) and then a drive down the coast and a back way into Moruya with a stop at the historic granite quarry. Then a call was made at Terry Goodall's to view his new workshop (Lesley was at work) and then on to the final destination at the Pelican Motor Inn at Merimbula where we had a superb barbecue fully catered in a marquee within the grounds. Whilst there was quite a bit of rain it didn't interfere with any of the activities and nobody complained. Indeed the S Coast residents rejoiced as the country was very dry as was clear from the disastrous Tathra fires.
  • Some stayed on for Friday night at the Watters and Fletchers where we had a group dinner at the latter residence. All visitors heading off to Canberra on Saturday morning.

Some photos from some of the participants (Rick's pics unless otherwise noted)

                                                                  This is the FULL group L to R taken at a headland in Merimbula:
Tony & Leslie Xerri; Michael Jaques and Donna Newell; John & Angie Blake; Graeme & Jo Corbett; Rick & Joan Fletcher, Graham Michelin-Jones and Sally; Graham & Claire Brohan; Bob & Cherryle Watters and C.O. Peter & Gayle McEwan
The Loaded Dog Hotel at Tarago - lunch venue day1 (Gayle McEwan pic)
Morning at Sussex Inlet (Michael Jaques pic)
Morning at Sussex Inlet - raining (Bob Watters pic)
Some of the cars leaving Batemans Bay.
... and some of the associated crew (Gayle McEwan pic)
Breakfast at Batehaven.

... sheltering from the rain (Gayle McEwan pic)

Batehaven - back to the cars after breakfast and a pause in the rain (Michael Jaques pic)

A brief stop at the historic Moruya Granite Quarries where stone for the Sydney Harbour Bridge was sourced.
The quarry is still active for the repair of historic buildings.

Tony Xerri frightening something to death - just as well they weren't ducks! (Gayle McEwan pic)
A stop to visit Terry Goodall (Bob Watters pic)
Terry's shed attracted the blokes! (Michael Jaques pic)
Terry's place (Michael Jaques pic)

Off South through Moruya on a beautiful autumn day - (Gayle McEwan pic)

Lunch at Central Tilba - a pretty place (Gayle McEwan pic)
Here's a better pic of the cars on the headland at Merimbula (Michael Jaques pic)

The next set were taken at the Pelican Motel Merimbula (Gayle McEwan pics)

Well might you ask what Pete is doing in this photo:
He was demonstrating the effect of sitting in the passenger seat of a car with aeroscreens travelling at high speed!

More to come ... any other participants PLEASE.