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Club Matters!

This was a concept first raised by Rob Bradford.
To some extent it could be expressed as "The Club Matters" or ..... another way to think of it "what really matters in our club?"

How do we help each other?
What are the values we hold when things get a bit tough?

Rob and Jude have found themselves in a position where they need a little support and it's gratifying that some of our members and friends have found the time to lend a helping hand. Most of you will know Rob is having a monumental battle with cancer. He has quietly battled it for a number of years now and Jude also has her own battle with that insidious disease. The following photos show what can be done.

They have a Stag which needs to be put together such that it can be sold. Here is what happens when our Club Members take MATTERS into their own hands:

Here we see QLD Co-ordinator Peter Clarke (L) and club stalwart Paul Bingham lying down on the job!

Helpers here are Steve Bradford with Paul & Peter

In this photo Steve and Paul are helped by a friend (Peter Bottiglieri) who happens to be a mechanic.
I know that Rita Bingham is also helping out with the catering and support.

Perhaps we should all think about what we can do in the hard times.
In this case the state co-ordinator has stepped up and been supported - this could happen to any of us.

Peter Clarke - 07 3806 3158    EMAIL

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See what MATTERS in our club - finishing the helping hand(s)

Rob & Jude - "what can we say other than people make life a pleasure even under the most arduous circumstances. Clubs are about people and that is why clubs matter. A sincere thanks to all those who helped out in getting Jude's Stag back on its wheels so it can be sold."