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Sapphire Coast Chapter 9 Dec 2020

A couple of photos from our Blend Cafe meeting prior to the run up to Bermagui for our Christmas party..


Then - off to the Bermi Pub:

We had a limited booking at the Bermagui Hotel for 20 persons so it was mostly regular Sapphire Coast Chapter participants this year. As usual we had a photo stop at Cuttagee but unfortunately there was a cluster of "civilian cars" so we couldn't get all cars in the shot at once.

Di and Kerri were nearby.

We managed a better display opposite Bermi the pub:

It was good to have our members from the Northern fringe: Andrew & Maggie Gibson, Keith & Dotti Manning
and Terry & Lesley Goodall.

Front to rear Anna & Andy (Morgan), Liz & Stu Baillie (TR2), Richard & Di (MGB), Janet & Soupy (Mercury Comet) Joan & Rick TR3A Neil & Kerri (Mustang)
Andy will hopefully forgive me for this photo, but it really was a nice meal.

"Blunder" the wonder dog also put in an appearance! Only to be ignominiously kidnapped by the forces of evil.
You can follow the adventures of Blunder on Lesley Goodall's Facebook page.