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2019 MAY TT - from the High Country to the Coast

Some photos from the May TT - from Jindabyne via Bright, Marlo, Malacoota, Eden and Bermagui.
NEWER PHOTOS AT THE TOP (revised 13 May 2019)

Another batch sent in by Kerrie Holliday:

Eden - Twofold Bay lookout

Eden - Twofold Bay lookout

Heading towards Wodonga

Best to avoid large logging trucks ...

Pete & Gayle are looking to trade in the Porsche ...

Michael Jaques is wondering what sort of "HOT FOOD" comes out of this pump?
In the interests of the dietary needs of his TR, he selected the middle nozzle.

In view of the fact that Sapphire Coast Chapter member are all "Presidents"
what is president Bob organising here? At least he's getting help from John Muddle.

Judy Brown has added a couple of shots of the murky conditions at Mt Hotham ...

A batch sent in by Kerrie Holliday:
Tour Leaders Bob & Cherryle
Paul Kelly & Bob Slender
Lesley, Rhonda and Kerrie
Dottie and Cherryle
Look out TR Register!!!
Russell & Michael at Mallacoota
Photographers comparing notes?
"Well ... it was easy getting into the tree ...."


At Charlotte Pass

...with the TRs as well.

Keith Manning's TR2 was not impressed at having its a*se fozen solid.

0.5 degrees - Goodalls and Watters at Mt Hotham

Shiny red cars at Eden (Brown & McEwan)

Most of the TT group taken at Mallacoota

A video from Tony Xerri

Some below were sent in by Lesley Xerri and covers the inclement weather experienced around Mt Hotham.
Made worse by a failure of the wipers to clear the snow. Other pics by Kerrie Holliday.

This one from Bob Watters at Mt Hotham featuring Rob Bradford's TR on the way back from Tasmania
and used to slipping and sliding around.


MAY TT - Gayle McEwans PHOTOS