VIC - Xmas Lunch run to Massaros in Kangaroo Ground

This one was contributed by Jenny and David Ferguson who have provided this report:

Gary and Robyn had spent months in the planning of this little tour and lunch, only to have to pull out at the last minute to take a friend to the airport. Tony Knowlson was upgraded from “tourist” to “Tour Leader” and we all arrived at the designated meeting point in Chirnside Park at 10.00am.

The weather in Melbourne was stunning- good this time, not stunningly bad!! 28 degrees with a light breeze and perfect for taking our tops off. Our presence in the car park at the shopping centre created some interest from the locals as the cars looked great basking in the sun. After a top up of coffee, we were off through the rolling hills following Tony towards Yarra Glen, one of Victoria’s best wine districts and the Race Track which will hold our All British Day early in 2019.

From there, it was a short drive through gently winding roads to Kangaroo Ground lookout, with amazing 360 degree views. The city of Melbourne was in clear view, as were the Dandenongs and the hills around Yarra Glen.

It was great to see David Orchard’s TR2 on the road. Jenny was laughing all the way as we followed him and she could hear the engine revving hard through the hills as David enjoyed pushing the car along. There was a lot of noise from such a little car.

We were joined on the day by David and Polly, David Orchard, Hugh and Merridee, Keith and Judy, Brian and Holly, Tony (Jenny had another lunch), Michael and Trish in their TR4 and us. 2 minutes from the lookout is Massarro’s Winery and it is set in beautiful gardens with fabulous views of the hills and Melbourne.

We were fortunate to be seated outside under the shade sails where we could enjoy the sun and the breeze. Lunch was a never ending supply of pizzas and a drink from the bar. We enjoyed a very nice bottle of Pino Grigio from the King Valley- another great wine district just a few hours north- or a bit more in a TR!! As the bill arrived, so did our organisers, Gary and Robyn. We all chatted for a little longer before climbing back into the cars and heading home. Thanks everyone for an enjoyable day out.

We are looking forward to our next event. David and Jenny