Sapphire Coast Christmas Run - Bermagui 6 Dec 2018

The Sapphire Coast Chapter of the TR Register had a Christmas Run to the Bermagui Beach Hotel for a convivial gathering to celebrate the festive season. We get a variety of cars attending our runs, in this case with cars from Cobungra Vic to Bateman's Bay in NSW. 22 people and 10 cars (1 was trapped in it's garage due to some concreting!)

We get a variety of cars which makes it interesting - 5 TRs, MGTD, Mustang, Lotus, Honda S2000, Mazda MX5

Sunny day but the wind picked up later on.

LtoR Kerry Wood (Mustang), Stu & Liz Baillie (TR2 in the making - Honda S2000 today),
Neil Wood (Mustang), Joan Fletcher TR3A

Cherryle Watters (TR3) & Peter Taylor (ex TR6 now Lotus)

Lesley & Terry Goodall (TR3A), Dave & Sandy Burns (MGTD), Michael Jaques & Donna Newell (Mazda MX5).

Rob Adams with Bob opposite (TR3A), Keith Manning (TR2), Rick Fletcher (TR3A)

Dotti & Keith Manning (TR2) - Dotti took most of the photos.