Sapphire Coast Chapter Christmas Lunch - Dec 2017

Sorry you were'nt able to join us at The Quarterdeck, but hope you arrived safely home after your TR mishap! (that's a note from Keith Manning to Rick Fletcher ... I failed to proceed after Bermagui when a heat shield on "Bluey" developed a fatigue crack and fell off. It was between the alternator and the exhaust manifold. Rather unkindly, it didn't fall on the road but landed right on the the alternator terminals. Spectacular short circuit, only for a few seconds but enough to destroy the alternator and some wiring. Thank heavens for a master cut-out switch otherwise I might have had to change the name of the car to "Blacky" - RF)

We will make a promise to come for a drive in the New Year!     Report and photos by Keith & Dotti Manning

L to R: Bob & Cherryle Watters; Carol Taylor; Keith Manning; Dotti Manning; Stuart & Liz Baillie, Peter Taylor

View from the Quarterdeck cafe.

Bob & Cherryle heading home at the end of the day.