Safety Warning!

This one was contributed by Bob Fast in Queensland.
Bob calls this "SAFETY FAST" - details below the photo.

Bob says:

"I just thought that I would send you this as a contribution to safety when working on our cars.

As you can see from the photo I have the front off the TR2 to replace the fan and overhaul the steering. To assist I have bought a high intensity light that works brilliantly, generates fantastic light but, even more heat in a significant arc around the apparatus.....even behind it.

Have a close look and you can see that whilst working I am using a spray can of water dispersant/lubricant and I have used it and put it down to concentrate on removing the drop link at the bottom of the steering box which, as you all know is hard to access.

Now I have staged this photo for demonstration purposes. After a few minutes, perhaps 5 minutes, I had to use the spray can again. Well, the can was RED HOT and I do not exaggerate. I dropped it immediately and then saw the real danger, a possibility of it EXPLODING.

I wrapped it in a towel and threw it out into the back yard. This really put the shits wind up me as I reckon that the can was within seconds of exploding right next to me. I have had TR engines on fire occasionally and easily dealt with the situation but this situation really scared me and I hope that I can pass on a message so that no one has to learn the hard way.

PS - Sorry about the MGB in the background but they can be about a quarter of the price of a TR."

Thanks for sending that warning in Bob