Sapphire Coast Run June 2017

Photos courtesy of the travellers - 16/17/18 June

All except Bob Watters who was behind the camera at Myrtle Mountain on the Candelo-Wyndham Road.

Families: Darryl and Cheryl Dobe ('55 TR3), Joan & Rick Fletcher (3A), Terry & LesGoodall (TR3B), Jenny & Terry Hicks (3A), Russell & Kerrie Holliday MX5, Michael Jaques & Donna Newell (3A), John & Sue McCormack (TR6), Claire & Paul Middleton (TR6), Mal Munro & Mot (Maserati), Chris Olson (Doretti), Ian & Susie Wall (3A), Bob & Cherryle Watters ('57 TR3), Allan Wright & Renate Polglaze TR250.

The Chariots at Quarantine Bay (Twofold Bay) Eden.

Morning Tea stop in the village of Candelo - Bega Valley

No wusses here - dirt roads and all (actually there was only a few hundred metres to the lookout).

This is near where the Middos live (terrible view!) - Cocora Beach Twofold Bay.

Renate and her "spare wheel" which she used to terrify other road users in the traffic - in Allan Wright's beautiful TR250.

Doing a bit of hectic cornering!

Michael Jaques' engine Bay was a popular attraction - he was considering selling viewing tickets.

Some of the cars parked outside the compound in Boydtown where local Eden volunteers are building a replica of Ben Boyd's "Wanderer" - The Ben Boyd Wanderer Replica Project’s goal is to construct, own and operate a full scale 25-metre (82 foot) replica of Benjamin Boyd’s 1837 luxury, armed topsail schooner “Wanderer”, and its two tenders, with fit out to appropriate Australian maritime certification and safety standards.

Lunch was at the Seahorse Inn (also below) - Boydtown.
Yes - chicken WAS on the menu!

President Russell enjoying the mussels at the Seahorse Inn..

Beautifully restored facade ..... NO the building silly!

A panorama from Terry Hicks - Twofold Bay looking South from Eden Lookout.

Rick Fletcher's garage never looked better with the Goodall TR3B and the Jaques TR3A

Our fearless leader and run organiser (NSW Co-ordinators) John and Sue McCormack.
They were giving the TR6 a test run after mechanical work and resting the almost daily driver TR2.

And here are the Register's Famous "Sidescreen" Editors Terry & Jenny Hicks with
part of Paul & Claire Middleton's fleet behind - in this case their lovely TR6.

The boys operating trains on Rick's layout.

It seems a touch of the liquid stuff was in abundance... no wonder Darryl filled up with Diesel.

Talking of daily drivers (above) here is Cheryl Dobe's daily driver, a 1955 TR3 cunningly diguised with a 3A front Apron.
Yes - it IS a daily driver and it IS Cheryl's car as Darryl and Cheryl only have 2 cars and both are Classics (Darryl's is an Austin Healey). Their home base is in Sydney and these true enthusiasts punt around in the not insignificant traffic!

The photo above (and the one below) show what happens when Darryl decides to do a complete refuel with "Ultimate" but unfortunately the DIESEL version rather than the petrol! And he filled it right to the brim from the Servo next door to the motel.

The service crew of Mal Munro, Bob Watters and Rick Fletcher were heard to mutter dark threats of "Moss Award" particularly when he seemed to have squeezed about 70 litres into a 60 litre tank.

More photos from the Travellers would be appreciated!
I have added a Dropbox Link so we can have as many as we like,
full size so that you can download them to your own devices. I took individual pics of all the cars.



The Commercial Hotel was prepared - they knew I frequently forgot who I was.