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Australia Day NSW 2017

Held on Mal's ranch South of Sydney - a good attendance - and full report in the next "Sidescreen"

Photos by Renate! (+ 1 by Terry)
4 new photos added 1 Feb 2017

A group of Mal's friends.

Jim Cunningham (putting in a welcome appearance), Terry Goodall (and his tool - see the front page)
and Allan Bare.

Editors Terry and Jenny sandwiching Allan Wright

Pikey, Elizabeth and Bill.

Russell and Kerrie with Ian and Susie.

Gwen, Bob, (unknown - help!) and Rhonda.

Mal, Renate and Mal's friends Brandon Love and Robyn.

Cheryl and Darryl with Sue and John.

Renate Polglaze and Bill Newling at work on the BBQ

Viginie & Lynden Norgate

Joy and John Muddle

Surprise Mal! ... your on candid camera.