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Visitor from the UK

Secretary Mark Stuckey was recently contacted by a lady from the UK who was paying a visit to Austrealia.
She had this to say:

"I am here visiting my family for a few weeks. I live in Essex, England and I lost my husband in 2016. We owned a 1954 TR2 and a 1968 TR4A (photos of both cars below). My husband Terry Blake founded the TR Register Essex Group in 1973. The TR2 was off the road for some 40 years, but we got it out of the shed and had it restored." - Mrs. Pat Blake

It's a shame we hadn't learned of Pat's visit a little earlier (she has returned to the UK now) as we may have been able to give her a ride in one of our Newcastle member's cars.

This photo shows the Blakes' TR4A followed by a Rover and 2 cars back- is that a Peerless?