David Pearce
being presented with his Life Membership

At an Extraordinary Committee Meeting of the TR Register Australia Inc. held on February 7th 2017 and in accordance
with the constitution, a unanimous vote by 14 members of the committee conferred Life Membership
on David Pearce, the Tasmanian Co-ordinator.

Most members would be aware that David's wife Jean has a very serious illness so it was decided to bring the presentation forward to
February 2017.

President Russell accompanied by Kerrie voluntarily travelled to Tasmania to make the presentation and here is a brief summary of their report:

"Kerrie and I journeyed down to see our dear friends David and Jean to make the presentation of David's well earned Life Membership. They were overjoyed to see us and overwhelmed to receive the Life Membership. You can see the joy in Jean's face as to what it means to her and for David. Pauline and John Kay were invaluable in organising our visit and I am sure a tower of strength for Jean and David in this difficult time. So congratulations and thanks to David for all his fine efforts in raising the TR Register flag in Tasmania."

David responded in writing to the Committee:

"Jean and I appreciated your visit very much, being totally gobsmacked by the presentation. You would have seen on Jean’s face how much she enjoyed your visit. The presentation of the Life Membership certificate was quite unexpected but very much appreciated and I am so glad that Jean was able to witness it as she has been my navigator or guide for nearly 17 years . I hope that you have enjoyed your flying visit and have been reassured that the national meeting arrangements are in hand. John and Pauline have been doing a great job in helping to bring about our big event and I am very pleased that you have been able to see this at first hand..."     David & Jean

President Russell making the presentation

Kerrie, Russell, Jean and David.

Jean and David with the John and Pauline Kay who are shouldering much of the load
in organising the 2017 National Meeting.

Jean (looking fairly happy!) and David.