"Mille Miglia" 2016
Ivan Powell (SA) shares his visit with us in pictures.

Ivan says: "In May I was fortunate to be in a position to visit Italy for the running of the 2016 Mille Miglia historic car race.

The Mille Miglia is a 1000 mile (yes miles)event that is run each year as a recreation of the original race that ran between 1926 and 1957.

Cars start the event in Brescia and travel as far south as Rome and back to Brescia in a rough figure eight course on public roads.

The cars travel at speeds far in excess of local speed limits (even through cities) on secondary public roads, so it is quite a display with the delicious smell of Castrol R heavy in the air.

Cars are escorted where possible by Police on Motor cycles and in Cars who stop other traffic as required (only in Italy). The race has the support (with much vigour) of what seems like the entire Italian community.  

The event is open by invitation to any of the original cars that competed during the period (guaranteed) and any of the same model of car that competed (not guaranteed). As such TR2 and TR3 cars are eligible.

This year’s race had 546 entrants of which there were two TR2s and five TR3s including the ex-works TR3 race #393.
As you can imagine there are some very exotic and rare cars in this event and they gather in and around the Piazza in Brescia for all to ogle and photograph, owners and drivers are all  happy to chat and talk about their cars.

If anybody is interested in further information on how to make the most of a visit to see this race I would be happy to talk to you: Email

Italian details below show "Pilot" (driver) first then "Co-pilot"

397 Roberto Carboni - Italy, Salvatore Surano - Italy    Triumph TR 3 1956

393 David Long - GB, Shirley Wong - GB     Triumph TR 3 1956 Ex Works

416 Himara Bottini - Italy, Gianluca Ianni - Italy      Triumph TR 3 1956

309 Peter Schoemer - NL, Arjan Stoof - NL       Swallow Doretti 1954

299 Alberto Ferrari - Italy, Giulia Ferrari - Italy       Triumph TR 2 1954

316 Jeremy Randall - GB, Max Randall - GB    Triumph TR 2 1954

379 Giordano Gnutti - Italy, Elisabetta Gnutti - Italy     Triumph TR 3 !955

393 David Long - GB, Shirley Wong - GB        Triumph TR 3 1956 Ex Works