"Goodwood" 2016
Mark Stuckey (NSW) shares his visit with us in pictures.

And Bob Fast has a few pics for good measure (Marks are now below)

Bob says: "Just a few photos from our visit to Goodwood Revival. The lady in the photo with me and the C-Type Jaguar that she owns, also owns a LHD TR2 and said that TRs make great Rally cars.

The patina on this C-Type Number 008 was superb but she admitted that bonnet was a replacement as the original had been damaged in a racing incident but they still had the original.....just added to the character.

As the theme of the Albury Meeting is to come dressed in the ‘Era of your Car’ I urge all of you to join in as it was a feature of the Goodwood Revival and a weekend of the right people with the right cars.                                                           Cheers Bob Fast"

Bob says: "The Bentley below is probably a replica of the car that raced a train called 'The Blue Train' from Cannes To London in the 1930's as a bet by a wealthy playboy......a 6 litre car that won by a considerable margin. More info on the World Wide Web. The original is still around."

Bob says: "The XK 120 below is probably the most famous XK of all as it it is an aluminium bodied one that won a Gold Alpine Cup in the Alpine Rally for completing 3 wins and losing no penalty points.......it was privately entered by Ian Appleyard and wife and it was so successful that it established Jaguar reputation for competition and reliability........it is owned by the Jaguar Heritage people. NUB 120 is a famous number plate."

If you don't get a chance to go yourself, at least you can see some pics of the cars and the crowd.

Mark started with the TRs in the car park:

And then ventured into other marques:

Not sure why Mark included this one!! Must have been the period uniforms.