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Wednesday Warriors Goulburn Run 2009
Wednesday Warriors overnite run 25/ 26th March 2009

Neil Tribe submitted this report:

"Wed Warriors 25th/26th March was a great success. Road from Hartley to Taralga superb TR territory. Lots of open corners and undulating country. Beautiful views, light traffic - highly recommended. Main meeting point was the tearooms at Hartley where Sydney mobsters, Mountain Men (Pikey and Otto) and Western Cowboys (Alan Mitchell and Olsons) congregated. Lunch at Taralga was delicious - home made sandwiches and soup with real tablecloths all set out in olden day style in Masonic Hall. Free tour and commentary of the museum next door. All courtesy of the Taralga Historical Society. Brohie and John Blake met us there in the Vanguard. Then on to Louis and Jessie Maroya's place for afternoon tea. Jessie and Louis had prepared homemade nibbles and juices for the weary travellers. Had a tour of their car collection - Doretti, TR4 and Stag. Dinner in the bistro at the Astor Hotel, Goulburn. Lots of fun and laughter. Quiet but hot trip home Thursday."

Settlers cottage with TRs
Approaching storm with TRs
This photo was on the cottage wall. The old settler (Gary) is showing Merv & Marcie his cottage some 40 years ago (!!)
Afternoon tea at the Moroya homestead
Astor Hotel (?)
Pics & captions by Blakey (John Blake)