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Western Australia Tour April 2007
Read THE STORY of 3 intrepid Victorian TouRers - Lesley Xerri
(or download the Word Version or the PDF Version both only 43kb)
A great set of windscreen decals for the cars
The tourers have a rrived at the Western Australia border.
On the Nullabor
Running repairs.
Left to Right: Ian & Kate Cuss (TR2), Tony & Lesley Xerri (TR3a), and Ray Mullins (TR3a)
at Busselton Jetty,
the longest jetty in the Southern Hemisphere.
Voyager Estate, Margaret River.
How did Cussy get that flagpole
in the back seat of the TR2?
Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse most SW point of Australia.
Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse.
The boys at Canyon Rocks.
All the TouRers at Walpole Valley of the Giants (trees that is!).
The boys climbing The Diamond Tree Fire spotting lookout.
Lucky Bay, Cape Le Grande National Park.
Thorn Bay - clearly a beautiful summers day.
The aptly named Hellfire Bay.
10 TRs = 1 truck (lengthwise that is).
Newman Rocks on the Nullarbor.
See the Wikipedia entry for some information about the Nullarbor
Australia's longest straight road.
Up early and onto the "straight".
Nullarbor is clearly derived from the
Latin - "no trees"
An interesting array of wildlife typical in this part of Australia - camels, wombats and kangaroos.
They did it - after 8,800 km and 16 days travel.