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20 Apr 2017
Club Member John McCormack
wants to buy the 2 aluminium door capping strips (LH & RH) as shown below:

John says: "I am after a pair of door cappings for my project TR2. I will be upholstering them so almost any condition is OK."

Contact John McCormack (NSW Co-ordinator) at      0413 312 134    or    Email

(28 March 2017) 11 Apr 2017
South Australian Victorian club Member Peter Wakefield
wanted to buy the capping strips

(1 Dec 2016)

WANTED - a TSOA member is looking for a TR3/3A Restoration Project

Contact John McCormack (NSW Co-ordinator) at      0413 312 134    or    Email

(25 Sep 2016)

WANTED - Member Bob Ausburn (Inverell NSW) is looking for a TR6 Hardtop complete.

Contact Bob at     0438 554 791 or

(revised 22 Feb 2017)

WANTED - The Webmaster - Rick Fletcher (SE NSW) is looking for:

  • a pair of Front wheel hubs Found! (courtesy of Peter Clark)
  • a pair of Rear wheel hubs for steel wheels on his TR3A

the current ones being non-standard. (12 Nov 2015). Contact Rick at       Phone 0417 416 516     or     

(revised 13 Aug 2016)

Club Member Garrie Hisco
wants to buy the aluminium capping strips around the back of the cockpit for his TR3A.

Contact Garrie in Adelaide - email or mob: 0412 178 026

(6 April 2016)

WANTED - John Challinor (WA) is looking for a book:
The Triumph Companion by Kenneth Ullyett

John will pay postage.

Contact John at:      08 9293 1589    OR

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