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Please let Rick know if you have found what you WANTED  
Revised:   17 May 2018

8 Jan 2018

WANTED - Webmaster Rick Fletcher (NSW) is looking for an   ALLOY SUMP for his TR3A

Contact Rick at:    mobile 0417 416 516      email:

(revised 9 January 2018)

Club Member Garrie Hisco
wants to buy the aluminium capping strips around the back of the cockpit for his TR3A.

Contact Garrie in Adelaide - email or mob: 0412 178 026

(renewed 8 January 2018)

WANTED - John Challinor (WA) is looking for a book:
The Triumph Companion by Kenneth Ullyett

John will pay postage.

Contact John at:      08 9293 1589    OR

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