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Neil Tribe (NSW)
Memories of a white TR3A - 1958 model

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Cooma NSW in 1960
Orange NSW 1958
Cooma NSW in 1960
Taken in Bega NSW - 1959

The attached pics are of my brother's TR3A circa 1958. The pics with the hood up were taken soon after purchase at Orange NSW in 1958. The pics with the hood down were taken in Cooma NSW in 1960. I'm standing next to the Porsche 356 and my friend Phil Reid is sitting in the TR. Phil recently sold his TR and would like to get another one.

I had the pleasure of driving both the Porsche and the TR whenever I wanted even though I was still at school. The two other pics are of interest for obvious reasons and show our dedication to the Standard/Triumph banner. That's me standing next to the Herald and sitting in the Vanguard. Both cars belonged to parents of friends (Phil's dad owned the Herald) and, needless to say, we hooned around in them with the Vanguard being inverted on one occasion.

My brother purchased the TR3A in August 1958 for £1532. It came “off the floor” from Cremers in Burwood - the car was white, complete with white hood, tonneau and side screens and lilac (yes, lilac) vynide interior. It was quite spectacular with 15" wire wheels, Dunlop Road Speed tyres and the obligatory overdrive. We believe it was a special order by Cremers but can't remember the details – the “one off” trim/carpet colour suggests this and special orders were not uncommon in 1958.

My brother drove the socks off the car and it led an eventful life before a provisional tax bill forced its sale to someone in Albury or Lavington about 1963. I had a great love for the TR and was devastated when it was sold. I wonder where it is today assuming it survived?

Neil Tribe (updated Jan 2009)