FOR SALE - Various Race Components
by member David Orchard VIC

Member David Orchard has the following Race Components for sale:

  1. Detroit locker diff - $800 (used but in full working order)

  2. Four into one headers - $500, bought new from Racetorations in the UK for 698 GB pounds, they are undamaged and ceramic coated. They will only fit (easily) with an alternator. (I have to run a generator in Sa). Slight reduction in ground clearance.

  3. 170BHP cylinder head (11.2:1CR) - $300. As raced until recently, hairline crack in one port (full refund if cannot be repaired!)

  4. SOLD! Four good Carrillo Rods - $200

  5. Pair of lightweight front calipers, direct replacement on TR3/3A. - $1100 (currently on sale at Racetorations for 637 GBP EACH) Note these are NEW and unused and complete with pads They weigh 2.2kg v 5.7!

Please Contact David Orchard:   email     phone: 03 9844 4637