FOR SALE Long Door TR2 TS 3269
 by member David Fitzsimon (NSW)

Contact John McCormack 0413 312 134

The car is in multiple locations around Sydney and would need to be picked up. We should be able to get all the parts to Peats Ridge so the buyer only has one location to go to. 

John McCormack's Description 

The following is based on a short visit to the car and a number of discussions with David. David’s description is below. This is intended to amplify David’s description which should be preferred over mine.

Chassis. The car had had a front left accident before David acquired it and the chassis wasn’t properly straightened. Various spacers and pieces of angle iron were used to get a semblance of steering and suspension.  The chassis is badly bent in this area and has been partly cut up by David’s panel beater as he investigated the extent of the damage. The chassis also has the wear and tear of 60+ years use. David deduced a replacement chassis would be needed, I agree with him. It should be noted the long door chassis was weaker than later ones which had extra strengthening at the rear shock mounts.

Body Tub. David’s panel beater decided to remake rather than repair some body tub sections so the body tub has been cut up into numerous pieces. Inner guards, floor sections, firewall, boot area (in multiple sections), rear section of the gearbox tunnel, sills etc are all separated and, it appears, in a pretty haphazard way. There are lots of pieces. The body tub is bent from the past accident, witness the notes on the doors, and obviously the damage is pretty extensive. I didn’t look too closely but from the car’s history I expect that these parts will have the corrosion expected for their age.

Panels. See David’s description. It would probably be better to get a Register fibreglass front apron, the photo doesn’t show how rough the metal is and the thickness of the bog. David has offered me the original TR2 4 vent bonnet for my car but, I will have one left over which will probably be the later 2 vent one I have.

Doors.  As David notes, after the accident the body tub and doors were not properly repaired, the passenger door being 7mm shorter than the drivers. The doors have other damage that would need correcting.

Suspension and steering. Due to the previous accident the steering and suspension will require a lot of new bits and full restoration.

Rear axle. The car has a TR4 rear axle and would require a Sidescreen one if the value of the restored car was to be maximized.

Engine and gearbox. The most valuable item, the engine is 3A engine number about 70000, with high port head. The engine and box were overhauled 20 years ago but have had limited but regular use since. They were working well when the car was last driven earlier this year. The gearbox does drop out of 3rd very occasionally. I don’t know exactly what was done to the engine but I believe David has the details and it was a full rebuild. The carbies looked to be ok.

Interior. Needs a new one but seats will be usable. David has also given me some of the interior panels for my long door restoration but, again, we should have bits left over after I do mine.

The photos (above) from my visit... John McCormack

 David Fitzsimon’s Description

As discussed herewith please find all of the late Darcie Reynold’s notes on the work he did on my late lamented  car ACK24N. (See attachment Report by Darcie Reynolds)

As you are aware, I attempted to have the car repainted / restored but as we got into it, the panel beater ascertained many and varied problems with the chassis and many of the body parts. About a month ago I decided to write it off, so all the bits and pieces are available to anyone who wants them.

The car was a going concern until early this year, so all the gear available is still ready to place straight into a car. Pretty well everything has been disassembled so all the bits are easily taken to wherever they are needed and can be used straight away. Most are in a carport at my family farm at Peats Ridge just off the expressway on the way to Gosford, 25 minutes from Hornsby. Some are at my place at Clareville and I can bring bits and pieces to my office in Gordon if people want to collect from there.

Our late co- member Darcie Reynolds did pretty well all of the specialized work on the car for the last 20 years other than a complete rebuild of the engine in about 1998 done by John Scott motors under Darcie’s supervision.

The bits people might want are as follows and anything remaining can go to the Register. I will dump whatever is not wanted by anyone. I am not looking for top dollar and in most cases would be glad just for the parts to go to a good home.


1.       The jewel in the crown is a TR3A motor plus gearbox and triple overdrive. All in excellent order. Darcie redid the carbies and the distributor, so it does not overheat even in traffic in summer. Has had new pistons and wet liners plus crank regrind etc. 19 years ago now but has only done way less than 20,00 miles , serviced regularly and never driven really hard. Had new starter and new generator within the last year. Gear box completely rebuilt by Darcy and works really well, but can very occasionally jump out of third gear on the over –run.

2.       Steering box and shaft all adjusted up to spec. by Darcie

3.       TR4 rear end which is 1.5 inches wider than a TR2 or 3 or 3A . Fitted inside the guards just, but next to nil clearance.

4.       Rear and front guards which were new out of UK when the car was redone by Andrew Pounder in Melbourne 25 years ago.

5.       Pair of long doors in reasonable nick but one is 7mm,  shorter front to back, than the other.

6.       Scuttle, bulkhead, battery box, and all the bits and pieces of the body, some have been rebuilt by the panel beater. e.g. new sills ready to weld on. Inner guards  etc. etc.

7.       Pair of seats in fair to poor order.

8.       Boot lid in fair order.

9.       Spare wheel cover in poor order.

10.   Radiator in fair condition.

11.   Rear springs in fair condition. New main leaves maybe 20 years ago so better steel than original.

12.   Soft top hoops in good order.

13.   Soft top in fair order.

14.   All the front suspension minus the top trunions which had been ( criminally? ) butchered by someone previously.

15.   About 9 chrome wire wheels all in fair to good condition with reasonable rubber on maybe 6 of them but tyres would now be 20 years old. The four used on the car were completely rebuilt with stainless steel wires maybe 10 years ago and are bullet proof; cost per wheel about $450. Chrome is a bit daggy in some cases.

16.   4 Wire wheel hubs in good condition.

17.   Two tail shafts in good condition.

18.   Front lights, tail lights blinkers etc.

19.   Windscreen complete in good condition but chrome is original , I think, and the glass is a bit scratched.

20.   Windcreen wipers and motor.

21.   Front and rear bumpers in fair condition.