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Rick Fletcher -TR3A - 1960 model
TS 80116 eng. no. TS 80257E

Webmanager - TR Register Australia Inc. - see also my previous 1954 TR2
Taken at the Echuca Concours 2013 (photo Marlene Lyell©)

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Taken on a Mountain Rally 2000
2001 - the year of the first Tassie TouR
Returned from Southern Victoria to Oberon without a clutch 2002
Swan Hill 2002
QLD May 2003 - special
"Targa Top" (!)
Armidale Concours 2003
This is a little Surrey top I have made. It also has a tonneau which waterproofs the car when parked.

As set up for the Vigil Alpine Rally in 1998 - Rally details on Powder Blue Page. This is similar to the way the car was prepared in Victoria in 1970
- rack & pinion steering, sway bars, balanced & tuned motor, brake booster, lightened flywheel etc. etc.

The photographs below were taken in June 1973 when the then owner, Jim French, was on a trip to Lake Eildon - Victoria.
As can be seen, part of Jim's modifications were the GT Falcon "12 slotters". Jim never ran with a grille or front bumper.

As purchased - this front end damage was the result of the previous owner replacing the steering column universal joint bolts (normally 1/4" high tensile UNF) with 3/16" gutter bolts!
The body of the car was in sound condition (albeit slightly "bent") but mechanically it was very tired.
The Mota Lita wheel sits on a TR5 boss on top of the TR4 steering column. Jim French fitted the rack&pinion steering around 1970. This has now been completely rebuilt following a fatigue failure in the original mounting.
The "engine room" has now been further modified by the removal of the unsightly oil catch tank alongside the battery. Instead, the car now has a sealed crankcase and a TR4 rocker cover. This is vented to the inlet manifold via a PCV valve. Another useful addition is an expansion tank for the radiator which resides just to the left of the washer bottle.

Some previous owners:

Recently discovered - it seems likely that the "blank" period before 1970 may have been partially occupied by the car residing in the Malaysian state of Perak. Further research has revealed that this car was imported directly into Melbourne Australia so the decal must have been an owners whim.

Some notes about Perak from the internet:
"Raja Din was the founder and President of the Triumph Owners Club Perak for many years. Grass track races were often held in Ipoh and Kuala Kangsar. I remember seeing many TR2, TR3,TR4, Herald and even Mayflower at such meets. I think Perak State had the most number of Triumphs... "

Previous Owners:

  • 1970, Judy Brooks, ST KILDA VIC, Reg HTM531
  • 1970/71 Lyon Roberts HAMPTON VIC,
  • 1971 James French BRUNSWICK, VIC -various mods carried out car intended to be raced. Offered for sale in 1974 for $1450
  • 1975 Christian Roysland - FITZROY VIC Reg LVH702
  • 1977 Leighton Watts, WINDSOR,VIC, TR303
  • 1977/87 sold to Bruce Aitken - ST. IVES NSW for $2000 - possibly HVX170. Changed to KQX067 and offered for sale though TR Register in 1983 for $4000 - unregistered at this time and had been stored for 2 years. Not sold. Re-registered as NUP988
  • 1989/94 Ian Major - RYDE, moved to QLD & rego 244ASD. Out of rego in 1993 as a result of front end damage.
  • Oct 1994 - I purchased the car and restored it to running order - registered 18.4.95 as ACV32V (Now 21184H)

I previously owned an early TR2