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As promised in the October/ November Sidescreen magazine, here are some screen shots for those interested in looking into the Club Database.

These are Screenshots. The first shows the lead-in page used by the operators.

This one shows a typical Member's page with some data blocked out.
It shows the typical level of detail kept on the cars and members.
For the members we only keep sufficient information to satisfy the Office of Fair Trading; to allow Magazines to be posted and limited other contact information.

For the cars we strive to include all the details possible to maintain full and accurate historical informations on these classic sports cars.

The thumbnail images can be enlarged so that we can see details of the cars...

... and of the Birth Certificates where supplied.

The Historical Archive is administered by John Pike:
It enables us to record a history of Triumph TR items not directly connected to a specific car such as
• isolated commission plates   • spare engines   • as yet unidentified photographs   • documents   • registration numbers   • recollections (written or oral)
• all of the Australian Assembled TRs (the DTR TR3s)

This record shows one isolated engine which was in the second hand spares at one time.





























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