Members attending the NSW Run
to Bathurst & Millthorpe Oct/Nov - 2015

President Russ and Eventsman John welcoming Paul Bingham from Queensland (2nd at Noosa)

Photo 2 Roger Gates' TR3A outside the old Courthouse in Bathurst

Laughing in the rain at Laffing Waters; home of Chris and Merran Olson.
Robin Adams added: we had a great weekend joining NSW members in Bathurst. We managed to avoid most of the storms/rain
except on the Saturday on our way to visit Chris and Merran where you can see Bob busy putting roof up while
Jenny Hicks and I are testing out the new umbrellas!
Bob & Robin also added some BIG THINGS pics on the way home

Sue & Kerrie with twins, just kidding (captions by Terry!)

Gavin, Jenny, Kim with Rob & Bob Adams from Omeo in a Millthorpe Garden.

Geoff Fry - Bathurst

Stephen Crain - Bathurst