Progress Report - 19 August 2014
TR Register Australia - Goodwood Revival Tour 2014
This appears to be the whole Touring Group - standing in front of Schloss Burg Namedy taken at Andernach, Germany.
(click to see the castle in the background)

Schloss Burg Namedy is a moated castle built in the 14th century which was converted into a full castle complex in 1890.

Photo taken by John Kay on the cruise down the Danube in a shop window in Prague - the only TR they could find - from La Dolce Vita (the Fellini movie)!

Ray & Sharon heading off to dinner ... where (to the right), they celebrated Ray's XXth Birthday - shown with fellow traveller Sue.

Not sure what Paul & Rita are celebrating - but the bed's turned back!

Some intrepid climbers find a castle (click to view)

Not sure what all this bedroom origami is about ...!
...but this time it has something to do with Robyn Waite's Birthday.