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Triumph TRs at the 2014 F1 GP Albert Park - THE F1 DRIVERS
Photos courtesy of Glen at "NARRA Photography"
To see the FULL SET (959 photos!) see the "NARRA" WEBSITE
V8 & F1 Cast and Crew (click to view full size) (photo Leonie Johnson©)
1 Tony Xerri (Vic)
2. Chris Bellamy - (VIC)
3. Robin Murphy (VIC)
4. Stuart West (VIC)
5. Stuart West (VIC)
6. David Orchard (VIC) TR3B
7. Noel Schmidt (SA)
8. Tony Knowlson (VIC)
9. Ross McKinnon (VIC)
10. Otto Feenstra (NSW)
11. John Johnson (VIC & Co-ordinator for the F1 participation)
12. John Rolfe (VIC)
13. Hugh Burrill (VIC)
14. Ian Meates (VIC)
15. Andrew Pitchford (VIC)
16. Denise McGuire (VIC)
17. Chris Copeland (VIC)
18. Gavin Rea (NSW)
19. Russell Holliday (NSW)
20. David Dumolo (QLD)
21. Ivan Powell (SA)
22. Carl Habal (VIC)
23. Graeme Corbett (NSW)
24. Viv Paine (VIC)