Pg 2 Display Cars

Photo contributor for this page: Thomas Schaefer © who volunteered to take photographs on the day - many thanks from the Register!
If required I do have Thomas's higher resolution images if you require a copy. I will try to caption these when I have time.


Or all that I have at the moment!

David Stephens TR2 South Australia

Noel Schmidt - TR3A South Australia

Vin Anderson TR3A South Australia

Martiin Osborne TR3A Tasmania

Chris Copeland TR2 Speed Model - VIC

Peter Cotter TR3B - VIC

Keith Brown TR3A - VIC

Peter Frost TR3A WA

Mal Regan Doretti NSW

Paul McEwen Doretti - NSW

Chris Olson Doretti NSW

Brian McEwen Doretti NSW

Andrew McCracken Doretti South Australia

Warren McEwen Doretti NSW

Peter McEwan TR3 ACT

Bob Adams TR2 VIC

David O'Loughlin TR3 South Australia

Elizabeth & Ivan Powell TR3 South Australia

Ian Cuss TR2 NSW

Hugh Burrill TR3A VIC

Ron Pease WA

Graham Brohan TR3 ACT

Terry Goodall TR3B NSW

Allan Bare TR3 NSW

John Muddle TR3A NSW

John Kay TR3A TAS

Keith Manning TR2 NSW

Hugh Maslin TR2 TAS

Wayne Byrne TR2 South Australia

Tony Xerri TR5 Victoria

President Russell Holliday TR3A NSW

David List TR2 VIC

David Pearce TR3A TAS

Ray Mullins TR3A VIC

Richard Steele TR3 VIC

Kevin Lehman TR3A NSW

Howard & Carroll Prior TR3A QLD

Rob Schaefer TR3A South Australia

Terry Hicks TR3A NSW

Gary Waite TR3A VIC

Ian Treleaven TR3A South Australia

Ian Wall TR3A NSW

John McCormack TR2 NSW

Mark Cavanagh TR2 South Australia

Peter Standen (TR3A Stand-in) VIC

Peter Ruta TR3A South Australia

Kevin McEnroe TR3A South Australia

Darryl Dobe TR3 NSW

Brian Richards TR3A NSW

Rick Fletcher TR3A NSW

David Ferguson TR3A VIC

Alan Mitchell TR3A NSW

(I have no onformation on this TR - nor photos of it with the bonnet in place)

Ivan & Elizabeth Powell TR2 South Australia