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Updated 16 March 2017

  For those people who could not attend the Albury Concours, here are the 2 documents on the Tasmanian Concours
with all the vital information:

  1. The Registration Form   PDF - Click to DOWNLOAD  
                                     ENTRIES CLOSED



EXPRESSIONS OF INTEREST (if you haven't already done so)
To help plan this mighty event AROUND the ‘BIG Island’ we need to know the numbers that would like to attend for negotiating the best possible rates for accommodation, venues and the Spirit crossing.

Please open the  PDF FILE which has GREY areas for you to fill in. You can type directly on the form.

If your browser is set up correctly you should then be able to click on the EMAIL LINK at the bottom of the form. An email window will open with the file attached - all you have to do is SEND it.

OR - if that doesn't work:

When you have finished filling in the form, select the EMAIL button: at the top then: click "Attach to Email" / "Default Email Application / "Continue"

An email window will open with the file attached - just add David Pearce's email address to the email and send it: