National Concours d'Elegance 2016
Pg 6 - Pres. Dinner

The Presentation Dinner

Some of the ACT crew with visiting Queenslanders

David Stevens & Carol Powell (SA)

Louis & Jessie Maroya (ACT)
Apologies for the small, not so sharp photos - I had a camera disaster ...Rick

John & Joy Muddle (NSW)

Brian & Gwen Richards (NSW)

Ivan & Elizabeth Powell (SA)

Hugh Burrill & Meridee Flower ( VIC)

Alan & Cherylin Mitchell (NSW)

Stephen & Ginetta Rochester (TAS)

Pikey, Russell and the Captain of St Trinian's (Maureen)

John & Leonie (VIC)

Donna Newell with Angie Blake

Lesley Goodall with Jo and Graeme Corbett

Mal Munro with Kaye Whitehead who has won a prize.

Keith & Judy Brown with Denise McGuire (all VIC)

Jack & Jenny Gault with Frank Marshall (all ACT)

And the're into it - with lots of fancy moves ... Gavin Pic

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