National Concours d'Elegance 2016
Pg 5 - Cars


Allan & Annette Bare - TR3 - NSW

Vic & Maria Barnes TR3A - SA

David Chapman TR2 - QLD

Peter & Sue Clarke TR2 - QLD

Chris Copeland & family TR2 - VIC

Bernard & Barbara Doherty TR3 - VIC

Harley & Bev Evenden TR3A - VIC

Jack & Jenny Gault TR3A - ACT

Terry & Lesley Goodall TR3B - NSW

Terry Hicks & Ross Wannell TR3A - NSW

Geoff James TR3A - NSW

John & Pauline Kay TR4 - TAS

Kevin & Helen Lehman TR3A - NSW

Chris Lermanis & Sue Packham TR3A - VIC

Denise McGuire TR3A (LHD) - VIC

John & Joy Muddle TR3A - NSW

Ray & Sharon Mullins TR3A - VIC

Brian & Gwen Richards TR3A - NSW

Robert & Rosemary Schaefer TR3A - SA

Ken & Sally Slingsby TR3A - VIC

Allan Bare's Vanguard with Mark Stuckey. Restored to represent a service van as used by Bare-Co. (the van, not Mark)

Ian & Susie Wall TR3A - NSW

Tony & Lesley Xerri TR3A - VIC

Bob Watters had lent a bit of artistic photography to the page - "TRs in the main street of Cooma"


No - Paul's car hasn't grown a tail. This is how you remove a tight fitting spare. See below:

Here's an interesting alternative to SUs - a pair of Mikuni carbys.

The OTHER Cus Bus!

David & Rita Dumolo set up a nice display. This TR3A would be one of the most regularly driven cars in the club.
What a credit it is to keep it in such top condition.

Bob Anderson's TR3A (SA)

The very nice engine bay in Jack Gault's TR3A (ACT)

Some of the cars in the display area - Blakey's TR3A front right.

Frank Marshall TR3A (ACT)

The engine bay of Ian Wall's TR3A - the lovely interior is shown below:

Tony Knowlson - Membership Sec (VIC)

Dean Lewis TR3A (SA)

Hugh Burrill TR3A (VIC)

Ken Slingsby TR3A (VIC)

Stuart West TR3A (VIC)

Bernard Doherty TR3 (VIC)

Lesley Xerri TR3A (VIC)

Vic Barnes TR3A (VIC)

Ray Mullins TR3A(VIC)

Terry Hicks TR3A (VIC)

Denise McGuire TR3A (VIC)

Rob Allan TR2 (VIC)

Harley Evenden TR3A (VIC)

Allan Bare TR3 (NSW)

Under the bonnet - Michael Jaques TR3A (NSW)

Kevin Lehman TR3A (NSW)

Bob Fast TR2 (QLD)

Tony Denyer TR3A (QLD)

A different 3/4 view of David Pearce's Peerless.

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