National Concours d'Elegance 2016
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Lunch at the Kinross Woolshed - Sunday + the next 3 photos

Lunch venue for some - the Ettamogah Pub (photo - Sue McCormack)

Ian & Susie Wall at the Albury War Memorial.
I think this one would also qualify for the BIG things page?

Wednesday on the After Tour at Campbell's Winery - Rutherglen

Monday:    Howard Prior sent this one taken as they were about to cross the Bridge over the Hume Weir.
Carol is saying "there is a b...... big truck coming up behind you my dear!"

The Following 7 Photos are from the Camera of Gavin Rea!

This set of four photos taken at the Bright Brewery on the after tour by Bob & Cherryle Watters

Bright Brewery - photo Bob & Cherryle Watters

Bright Brewery - photo Bob & Cherryle Watters

Bright Brewery - photo Bob & Cherryle Watters

Rob & Jude Bradford celebrated their 40th Wedding Anniversary in Albury - CONGRATULATIONS!

Rob & Jude sent the next 5 photos - the first 3 in the Beechworth Gorge ...

...with Rita Dumolo...

...and a line-up on the bridge.
The following photos follow-on, from Bob & Cherryle Watters:

Bob is followed closely by Rob Bradford who appears to have lost his navigator! Clarkie (with no shoes) is behind him in the TR2.

AHA - now we know who is blocking the bridge - Bob Adams!

Bob W says: "TR owners can always find a pub even if it is the smallest one in the state" in this case, the McEvoy Tavern in Eldorado Victoria.
Bob must starting the "SMALLEST THINGS" craze?

Cherryle Watters took this one (to avoid Bob driving over the edge).

Bob says: "Keith and Judy Brown and Robert and Gail Allan enjoying the drive with the snow capped peaks in the distance."
(What's with the tops up!!!...Rick)

Bradfords heading home:

Rob discovered a "big thing" in Glenreagh Northern NSW on the way home - this time a BIG Dingo.

And getting closer to home, I suspect they are near the Jacaranda city of Grafton?

Jack Gault sent in these 2 photos - apparently of a group detouring via Tallangatta.
A lovely sunny day - and all these hoods up!!!

More to come if somebody sends me something interesting (funny, stupid etc).


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